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The Pre-Prep Program at Townsville Grammar School is the first entry point to accessing a Grammar education. It is the beginning of a great love for discovery.

As one of eight Grammar schools in Queensland, Townsville Grammar School’s Principal, Mr Timothy Kelly, said a Grammar education is an experience designed to open young minds to discovery and learning. The school provides a rich environment for personal development.

“We are proud to have supported generations of families in our 132-year history. We do this through our commitment to delivering exceptional education,” said Mr Kelly. They deliver the program at the early education centres of the Junior School Campuses in Annandale and North Shore. Mr Kelly says it is a popular starting point for families wishing to access a Grammar education. “It is the earliest entry point and a fantastic foundation years for the children as they move into prep,” said Mr Kelly. Director of Early Education, Ms Cyndi Friend, leads the program. Then it is delivered by her team of university qualified teachers and diploma-level educators. All of them are passionate about educating children within this age group.

“Year after year we bid fond farewells to our pre-preps as they very confidently and excitedly leave us to move into prep,” said Ms Friend.

“Our structure ensures that the children are very carefully introduced to learning. We do it through play-based programs with a ‘progress without pressure’ ethos. Then, towards the end of the year, our pre-preps start to visit our prep classrooms. They even join in with some of the specialist lessons such as music, drama, sport, library and languages. We do this so that the children get to know the teachers and become familiar with the layout of the campus and the routines of school life. In fact, over the total course of the year, our pre-preps also join in with some of the major school events. These include sports carnivals, art shows and concerts. Overall, it’s a very effective way of transitioning our youngest Grammarians to life in “the big school.” Plus, it also ensures that their entry to the prep year is a smooth process.”

“This is where it begins,” said Mr Kelly. “Children enter our school system and begin to become familiar with our community, our culture and our Grammar learning ethos. Here we must capture their imagination and instil a great sense of wonder for discovery and learning.”