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With the rapid evolution and accessibility of connected technology and digital media, most parents are understandably concerned about how to manage their children’s screen time, and the effects on their mental and physical well-being. Children often learn how to swipe a smart phone screen before they can walk or talk, and potentially have access to a world of information, both good and bad, literally at their fingertips. Common issue’s include online bullying, access to harmful content, sharing private photos or details on the internet, and a decrease in physical activity.

With this in mind, The Cathedral School invited Dr Kristy Goodwin – one of Australia’s leading digital wellbeing researcher, speaker, author, and media commentator – to speak to students, teachers and parents about how to tackle these issues, and how to manage digital technology at home and at school.

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The four sessions were curated for different age groups from Years 5 upwards, teachers, and parents.

Dr. Kristy helps confused and concerned parents feel confident about how they can best support their children’s and teens’ physical health, mental well-being and learning online, without proposing ‘digital amputation’, banning the gaming console or iPad. Dr Kristy discusses the importance of educating children from an early age on how to manage screen time and ensures parents, students, and teachers that technology is an integral part of our lives that needs to be mindfully embraced rather than avoided, and that technology is not something to be afraid of.

Kids, Teens, and Screens

Kristy explores:

  • Why children and teens are susceptible to potential pitfalls online given their brain development
  • Why the online world is appealing to children and adolescents (there’s a science to explain their digital infatuation and ‘techno-tantrums’)
  • A simple & realistic formula to determine healthy screentime limits for children and teens
  • The 5 vital digital boundaries parents must establish to ensure their children and teens develop healthy digital behaviours
  • The current risks facing kids and teens in the online world and simple solutions to mitigate these
  • Why digital disconnection is critical for your child’s physical health and mental wellbeing.