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Communication is the foundation of everything that humans do. From socialising to shopping, enjoying a good book to getting a job, good communication skills are essential to finding our place in the world.

Coastal Kids Speech Pathology provides individual speech therapy sessions for children with a range of communication difficulties – stuttering, speech delay, language delay, autism spectrum disorder as well as feeding and literacy difficulties. We are locally owned and operated, and having the owner of business working with children in the clinic means we can provide quality supervision and support for our team, as well as a more personal, flexible service to families.

We know that life with kids is a crazy rollercoaster of joy and stress and we do our best to accommodate individual family needs. We have recently been lucky enough to employ a new full-time speech pathologist which will assist in easing the high demand for speech pathology services in Townsville. We now have four therapists available every weekday, as well as our Saturday clinic open and we are wait-list free.

I really feel that Speech Pathologists have the best job in the world. We get to help kids and their families, while we have a heap of fun. We spend over half our day playing on the floor – it’s where kids learn best. Being able to support parents in giving their kids skills they need to get by in the world is really rewarding. Those times when a child with Autism says ‘bye’ to you for the first time without being prompted, or when someone finally gets the ‘k’ sound they’ve been struggling with – that just totally makes our day.

If you are concerned with the amount of words that your child is using or are having difficulties understanding them, a speech pathologist is the first step to assist. We have well researched tools for assessing the skills your child has, and comparing that with what is typical for children of that age. The nature of the problems puts you on the right path to helping your child to communicate well.

Give Sarah, our administration officer, a call. She can arrange a free meet and greet session with one of our therapists to see if we are the right fit for your family.