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If you’ve recently #separated from your partner or are about to, you may be wondering what to do about the #assets you and your ex share – especially big ones such as a house.

Diane from Ruhl Family Law Centre talks about the ins and outs of #property #settlement.

Looking for a lawyer to assist you through separation? The fantastic team at Ruhl Family Law Centre can help you out. Get in touch today!

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  • Ruhl Family Law

    Ruhl Family Law Centre provides their clients with legal advice, guidance and support to individuals who are going through a separation. The Solicitors have almost 25 years combined experience solely in practicing Family Law. Paraprofessionals and Solicitors have over 50 years’ experience in the legal industry altogether. The team’s expertise, efficiency and understanding are aimed at helping people to move on after a separation and create their new beginning after a traumatic and difficult time. Ruhl Family Law Centre can provide assistance in parenting and property matters, divorce, child support and Protection Orders. Any person going through a separation should obtain legal advice if only to have information about their rights and entitlements. Ruhl Family Law Centre can help you to your new beginning.