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Sunday April 7 was like any other. After our 5-year old daughter Matilda went to bed, my wife and I settled in for our end weekend “Married at First Sight” trash session. It was the second last episode of the series, and thank god for that. It’s like this season of MAFS stretched the better part of a year.

But come the next morning everything changed, and it changed FOREVER. Because that’s when my wife and I welcomed our second child into the world.

Charlie Michael Peter Clifton was born at 8.20am Monday April 8 weighing in at 8.5lbs. Our ‘little prince’. Again, big love to the team at the Mater Women’s & Children’s Hospital at Hyde Park. You guys exemplify what it is to be an everyday hero. And aside from the one night Charlie choked a little on his own gunk and had to be suctioned (excuse the pun but that really did suck), it was a relatively normal caesarean section and recovery for mum and bub. Thank heavens for that.

It’s been a fun journey watching my wife and son grow over the last 10 months, but the other transformation that’s been a pleasure is that of our little girl Matilda. From single child to big sister in a single night, I’m so proud to say she’s taken to it like a duck to broken water
(the lame puns stop here).

Initially we were concerned about the whole jealousy thing. You hear the horror stories and wonder how your big girl will react when she sees Barbie’s leg being sucked by a newborn. But the reality is we had nothing to worry about. If anything, we’re more concerned Little Miss is going to smother Mr Man with too much kindness. Five seems a good age to be a big sister. More “look at our new cute novelty” than “get away from my colouring book you slobbering monster”.

Matilda, we’re so proud of you. You’re already a wonderful big sister. And beautiful Michelle, you’ve taken to motherhood a second time like you do all the challenges in life, with passion, enthusiasm and love.

I couldn’t be prouder of my family and our new little man.

Also, at what age do the Cowboys start recruiting? Asking for a friend.

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