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A healthy lifestyle comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, it’s not all about going to the gym and eating healthily (spoiler alert: it is partly about this – so don’t hang up your running shoes just yet!). Surrounding yourself with positivity, having a healthy home and ensuring you choose the healthier option are all little changes that can make a big difference to your overall health.

Healthy Eating

It really goes without saying that having a healthy diet is essential to healthy living. But in a world of processed foods that are quick, convenient and often cheap, it can be hard to always eat healthily. There are so many diets out there; some work, some are fads but whatever they are, they are generally not sustainable for a long period of time. Internationally recognised nutritionist, Dr Lisa Young says that a lifestyle change over dieting is the best thing to do when it comes to health eating.

She recommends that eating structured meals and snacks so you eat often and you don’t become famished. When we’re hungry, we tend to grab unhealthy snacks and junk food so having healthy snacks ready to eat during the day is essential to making a change to our eating habits.


Healthy Habits

When we think of being healthy, exercising is usually at the forefront of our minds. Yet, often, it’s something most of us put off. Finding the right exercise regime is essential for sticking it out so this year, why not sign up for something you’ll love? If you need some motivation, get a gym buddy or personal trainer. Like your workout done quick? Try a 30-minute metafit workout. How about Pole Fit, ballet-fit classes or box-fit for something a bit different?

There are so many options when it comes to exercise that there really is no excuse. So, pick something, stick to it and get fit! Every step counts, and you can even take the bub along with you on a Pram Friendly Walk.


Healthy Choices

A golden tan is something men and women across the world love to sport. But sitting in the North Queensland sun in an attempt to achieve that perfect colour has proven to be deadly. Two thirds of Australians will be diagnosed with skin cancer in their life time. Knowing the effects of the sun on the skin is one reason spray tanning in salons has become so popular over the last 10 years.

Despite the horror stories we may have heard, or experienced ourselves about the orange, streaky and transferring tans of a decade ago, spray tans are better than ever. They are now easily applied, dry fast and have little to no after smell. And what’s more, they look as natural as a sun tan without the hours of sun-baking, burning and potentially life-threatening side effects.


Healthy Atmosphere

Healthy living shouldn’t just be about what we physically do to our bodies. Creating healthy environments in which we spend our time is important for a healthy lifestyle too. Our home and working environments can have negative effects on our overall health if they are not sending positive messages to our brains. Feeling unmotivated or unproductive at work? Brighten up your workspace with some bright desk accessories, get yourself a plant and rearrange your desk.

Feeling flat at home? Declutter, add ambient lighting and give your home some personality. Our environment can actually affect our mental health more than we may realise, so make some small changes and see how far they go! Why not start with your bedroom?


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