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We got to chat with Julie Vigor all about her creation, Sensational Girls Network retreat, for mothers and daughters in Townsville. The retreat is the only one for mums and their daughters in North Queensland, allowing bonding and discovery while strengthening relationships. 

Sensational Girls Network 

“Sensational Girls Network (SGN) is all about strengthening and celebrating connection.  I am facilitating mother/daughter retreats to help mothers and daughters understand one another better and to create everlasting memories. I’m passionate to help others not just academically, but also for women’s mental health in general, to create a more connected world. And, what better time to do it, but in 2020 through a pandemic where people have experienced disconnection and isolation!”

“SGN covers important things for mental health including staying active, laughter, conversation, eating well, participating, setting goals, and connecting. I’ll also be offering day events for girls aged 5 – 9 years old, to help set up a solid foundation with their Mums before they hit the tween/teen years.”

Relax, Unwind, and Have Fun

“The fun activities include a dance fitness class, mini high tea, making a gift for one another, pampering each other with skincare/makeup/massage, and quizzes and competitions. I wanted to hold it at a nice hotel for women to relax, and unwind from their busy lives. It’s all organised, so they just have to turn up and enjoy time with their loved one.”

The Importance of Connection

Julie explains that her role as educator certainly played a part in her want to support women within the community.

“Being a teacher my whole career, I have always had a heart for helping others, including children and adults.  Women have approached me in recent years to get support with difficult issues that they have faced, so I wanted to help the community in some way, other than just academically, as many people are struggling with their mental health at times.”

“We all crave connection, kindness and support, and definitely in the age of technology and a pandemic, it’s even more important to stay connected to one another.”

As a mother of a teen girl herself, Julie found that she had to change her parenting strategies after having teen boys in order to help her daughter navigate the teenage years.

“I needed to change my own parenting strategies after having teen boys, to cater for a daughter and the issues that she is facing and how she deals with them. Caterina turned 12 this year and as she was transitioning into tweens and teens, I was finding I needed to change parenting strategies and to acknowledge her transition to independence.”

A Lack of Experiences for Mothers and Daughters in North Queensland

The experiences as a mother and witnessing the trouble that girls face in her career – were huge reasons for Julie taking on the challenge of starting her business. But, alongside this, she also realised that Townsville didn’t have retreats and bonding experiences for mothers/daughters that the town offers for fathers and sons.

“Friends run a fantastic business in Townsville for father/son relationships, called Fathering Adventures. However, there was nothing in the North for mother/daughters, so I am very happy to be able to offer this unique opportunity, specially designed for women to connect, spend quality time and create an unforgettable memory. Mums lead busy lives, but I encourage them to capture positive ways to connect and understand one another better.”

The Troubles Faced by Females of Today and How Sensational Girls Network Can Help

When asked how she selected what was covered during the experience, Julie explained that there are issues that almost all teens and women face at some point in their lives.

“Tweens and teens especially, but all women are suffering from body image issues, anxiety/depression, “mean girls”, technology, marital separation and issues, and peer pressure. A strong stable relationship and opening up windows for conversations can help equip daughters with vital tools for navigating the rough waters of teenage years.”

“A lot of women don’t feel like they are “enough” and SGN offers a safe space and time to discuss and think about our feelings and our triggers, our coping strategies, and how we want to be loved.” 

You can learn more about Sensational Girls Network HERE.


Ruby and Caitlyn-Ann Soden at Sensational Girls Network event
Bianca and Abby Medina at Sensational Girls Network event
Kim and Abbi Booth at Sensational Girls Network event