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Everything I know about health and wellbeing was taught to me by a puppet giraffe with a hand up its “you know what”. The year was 1991. The location, a caravan parked outside my primary school gates.

Sinister sounding surroundings, I know… (also how’s that for alliteration). But what went on inside this van was not sinister at all. In fact, some of my favourite memories from primary school stem from that very van and the wonderful, spotted animal I believed lived within its walls. Healthy Harold, take a bow.

Life Education - Daddy Diary November 2021Life Education is an amazing organisation. Since 1985 they have been empowering children to make safer and healthier life choices. More than 1.5 million Queensland kids have walked though those caravan doors and marvelled at the carpeted walls and stars shining brightly on the ceiling. I was lucky enough to be one of them.

All of these wonderful memories came flooding back to me recently after spotting Harold’s van parked at my daughter’s school. I was six years old all over again, and I get a kick – knowing my little girl now gets to experience the joy I did some 30 odd years ago. I’ll always remember the excitement in the playground air after spotting the van pull up. And the $5.00 my mum gave me to spend at the “Harold Shop” after my class visit. It was in “91” that I used that cash money to purchase a pen with our favourite giraffes head at the top and legs at the bottom. Naturally the long bit of the pen was his neck. I hadn’t even earned my pen licence but I was letting no one get between me and my beloved ballpoint.

The other character you may remember is Tam. It’s cool if you don’t… I had to google her name. But for those playing along at home, Tam was a mannequin who pulled apart, revealing the different layers of the human body. She’s was a bit like the Robbie Williams film clip for his song “Rock DJ”. Super cool for a primary schooler.

The work Life Education do is so important. The memories they leave are lifelong. Hats off to this amazing organisation. You can learn more about the work they do and even help them out at

Cheers for the life lessons Harold – ya little spotted legend.

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