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Back in the 90’s my mother’s favourite film was Father of the Bride. The 1991 classic see’s Steve Martin play a bloke named George Banks. A clumsy, foot-in-the- mouth prone father who’s young daughter suddenly grows up (way too quickly for George’s liking). Back in those days, Steve’s character was nothing but a silly old man to me. How did I all of a sudden become that man myself?

Let’s be clear about one thing – my daughter is not (I repeat IS NOT) running off to tie the knot. But at the rate she’s growing up, I sometimes feel like that is just around the corner. The thought makes me shudder. Turns out my Dad and all those other “old” people were right. Kids really do grow up way too fast!

Let’s start with my daughter, Matilda. Little Miss Eight (going on 18). The other day she came home demanding her mother and I buy her a crop top. I have to be honest and admit I didn’t actually know what a crop top was.

Little Ms. Fight - Daddy Diary - October 2022

But after googling it I can assure you she’s definitely not getting a crop top. Her argument was that her little friend (let’s call her Caitlin) has one. I pulled out the classic line “Well if Caitlin jumped off a bridge, would you?”. I know, what a horrendous thing to say. That line was so George Banks. It wasn’t that long ago my little girl’s hero was Emma Wiggle and the only thing she wanted from me was the latest Barbie doll. How has all that innocent kid stuff been replaced by a crop top?

It has to be said my son ain’t doing much to help the problem either. He’s only three, so still very young. But what happened to my little baby boy? The bottles and the cuteness and even the nappies. The fact he can now walk up to his mother and I and ask to go to the toilet proves that his baby days are behind him. You know you’re getting clucky when you complain about not having to change nappies any more.

In short. Our parents were correct. The time does pass way too quickly. And maybe all those wise people are even right about the whole “make the most out of everyday” thing after all.