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Is it just me or is it feeling extra Christmassy this year? I mean it is December, so the festive season has well and truly arrived. But even last month, and dare I say it, the end of October was feeling more festive than usual. Some businesses had Halloween and Christmas decorations out at the same time. The month of Christmas has finally arrived and it truly is (to the tune of Michael Bublé) beginning to look a lot like Christmas.
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One little boy who has taken to Christmas like some wild, festive fanatic is my son Charlie. He turned three in April so this is the first Christmas where he truly gets it, lead up and all. Back in the first week of November we were lining up to pay for groceries when he noticed Santa hats perched right there on the register. Strange impulse by Coles but it worked a treat. Although I refused to buy him one on the spot (we already have about five at home somewhere) he did manage to find a particularly old and sad looking one somewhere in the dark recesses of his toybox. For the next week he quite literally wore that red, pom pom monstrosity everywhere he went. It’s like the thing was glued to his scalp. It must have been like a furnace under there. But little did we know Charlie’s obsession with the Santa hat was just the beginning. Every single morning since the start of November started the same way at our place:

1. Charlie wakes up.
2. Charlie screams for someone to come and get him out of his cot (yes, he’s a three-year-old who still
sleeps in a cot or “toddler jail” as I call it).
3. Charlie asks us if Santa came last night.

This has been mine and my wife’s morning every single day since early November. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Forget about Saint Nicholas, we’ve been the true saints of Queensland this festive season.

It feels like it’s had more build up than the final episode of Neighbours. But once and for all December has arrived – the most wonderful time of the year (again to the tune of Michael Bublé). And if there’s one thing that’s too hard to begrudge any child for loving too much, it’s Christmas. Even if my wife and I are only asking how many sleeps until Christmas so we can stop each morning starting like it’s Groundhog Day.

Merry Christmas from the Cliffo’s…

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