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Writing, getting dressed, holding cutlery, tying a shoelace, and computer work are routine tasks that we might not give much thought to, but these simple tasks can be challenging when a child has poor hand eye coordination.

Apart from the ability to perform everyday tasks, children need to develop hand-eye coordination because it is linked with academic performance. In a study published in the journal of Psychological Science, researchers observed that children who performed better at hand-eye coordination tasks tended to have higher scores in reading, writing and mathematics.

If children don’t develop their coordination skills, they may:

• Avoid physical activities
• Be slower than their peers when it comes to mastering physical skills
• Be clumsy
• Have difficulty learning academically
• Have trouble developing their social skills

The good news is there is an easily accessible, engaging way to help your child develop their hand-eye coordination: playing with purpose. If you want to help your child develop their coordination
skills, incorporating hand-eye coordination toys and activities into their daily routines is essential.

Examples of such toys or activities include:

• Building blocks
• Puzzles
• Shape sorters
• Balls

Toys and activities that prompt your child’s eyes and hands to work together teach them how to respond to tasks quicker and more efficiently. Hand-eye coordination toys help systematise the way a child moves, thus enhancing their productivity and skills in school-based tasks. Because their hands and eyes are working in sync together, they are multi-tasking, a skill that’s important for everyday activities.

Children’s eyes are one of their main tools for learning, and hand-eye coordination toys can help develop their visual acuity. As a result, instead of having to put conscious effort in the mechanics of activities such as reading, writing and interpreting information, they can perform these tasks with ease. Fortunately, hand-eye coordination toys can be easily integrated into children’s everyday routine.

If you think your child might need some extra assistance in developing their hand-eye coordination, Apricus Health is here to help.

We can provide Occupational Therapy services and have our own in-clinic and online store, Sisu7, selling educational and therapeutic toys and products, with a purpose that addresses a wide variety of developmental and educational skills.