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What can I expect from my child’s first dental visit?

The priority for a first dental appointment is to build trust by providing a positive experience. This may involve riding in the chair, practising ‘opening wide’ and chatting about favourite foods and activities. While we really want to check out your child’s teeth, we won’t do that until the child feels safe.

The ideal age for your child’s first visit is around two years of age. At this stage your dentist will assess oral development, oral hygiene and educate you on how to best care for your child’s precious teeth. Don’t forget to check out How Thumb Sucking Affects Your Childs Teeth

Key points for a happy first visit:

• Schedule an appointment for your little one’s happiest part of the day
• Before the big day, play ‘dentist’ at home. Talk about the visit as you would their first day at school
• Well-meaning encouragement like ‘…don’t worry, it won’t hurt!’ usually has the opposite effect
• Children that see the dentist regularly generally have fewer problems as adults

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