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Choosing a school is an important decision for your child and your family. Have you considered experiencing the Catholic education difference?

With excellent facilities, expert teachers and the Catholic values of social justice, faith, inclusion, peace, equality and respect underpinning our curriculum, Townsville Catholic Education schools are building the community leaders of tomorrow.

Our 29 schools across North Queensland include Primary, Secondary, Prep to Year 12 colleges and Boarding colleges, but what really sets Catholic schools apart from others is our focus on educating the whole child – academically, socially, spiritually, culturally, physically and emotionally.

Students spend 13 years at school (14 if you count kindergarten), and our experience as educators tells us that a holistic approach to education is the key to giving your child a well-rounded education and nurturing them to become an active citizen. 

As educators, our goal is to create the ideal learning environment for each student, one that engages, challenges and extends. With access to technology, state-of-the-art facilities, a broad range of subjects, community programs and vocational education training (VET) options, as well as professional and passionate teaching staff, our Catholic schools are able to give students exceptional opportunities for learning.

Students are at the centre of everything we do, whether that is supporting their educational goals, providing opportunities to join social justice programs or promoting positive post-school pathways. Your child is unique, and that means your child’s journey through school will also be unique. Catholic schools work to support individual students and create opportunities along the way. These opportunities keep our students’ love for learning alive.

While Catholic schools frequently celebrate outstanding academic, sporting and cultural achievements, it is the teaching and celebration of religion that truly elevates our schools. Catholic schools embrace the importance of community connection and inclusion, and integrate spirituality such as meditation, prayer and liturgy into everyday life. These elements enhance education, support children socially, strengthen minds, develop empathy and prepare your child for life beyond the classroom.

Essentially, Catholic schools create spaces for all students to experience belonging, opportunity, dedication and the very best version of themselves – that’s the Catholic school difference. Experience it for yourself.

Enrolments for 2023 are open now. To find a Catholic school near you or learn more about individual schools, visit