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Children as young as four years of age can begin their learning journey at Townsville Grammar School. The Pre-Prep and Prep programs are designed to give children a strong foundation to learning. This foundation then supports them throughout their schooling years.

What is a Grammar Education?

Townsville Grammar School has a long-standing reputation as the leading academic school in North Queensland. However, the experience is far wider, with academic learning as the foundation. Principal of Townsville Grammar School, Mr Timothy Kelly, said the schools offer a particular style of education. It focuses on values and developing young people of character. Furthermore, young people are encouraged and supported to strive for personal best, and who develop a mindset of service and giving back.

Personal Best

“We use the term “personal best” because it encapsulates our Grammar experience,” said Mr Kelly. “Personal best means something different to every
child, and does not mean getting an A. It is a mindset of always striving to do your best, which is an attitude that is vital in all facets of life.

“We are focused on educating our students in a culture that is values-based, where respect for others and respect for self is paramount,” said Mr Kelly. “Our students know they are supported and encouraged every day to try their best, to learn from mistakes and to celebrate their wins. In doing so we are developing young people of character. This is what a Grammar education strives to achieve.”

Benefits of Starting at in Pre-Prep and Prep

Starting early sets the foundation for the Grammar approach to teaching and learning.  The concept of striving for personal best begins here. Children in Pre-Prep and Prep are the youngest Grammarians. Because of this, they wear the uniform, they join in wider school events and develop an early understanding of the culture and values of Grammar. Additionally, children also benefit from the successful Pre-Prep transition program, ensuring they are ready and confident to start Prep in a familiar environment.

Want to Know More?

Parents are welcome at any time to book a personal family tour of our Junior School Campuses at Annandale and North Shore. Contact us here.