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For more than 20 years, Kumon Mathematics and English has helped the children of Townsville to excel in the classroom and beyond. Instructor Peta Bird leads one of two Kumon centres in Townsville. She explains that Kumon Mathematics and English has many benefits for students and families.

1. Kumon Mathematics and English Aims for Students to Study Ahead

Yes, this means we can help your child to catch-up at school. But the possibilities don’t stop there.

One of the aims of Kumon is for students to comfortably study mathematics and English material at a level that is five years or more ahead of their current school grade. There are many benefits of advanced study for kids, including building persistence and the motivation to achieve. Peta herself has nurtured many advanced Kumon students who have gone on to have bright futures.

“Many of my students develop valuable skills through their study of Kumon Mathematics and English”, Peta says. “They create strong personal study habits, organisational skills, perseverance, and true grit. For example, we often see our young four and five-year-old students quickly become well organised, focused, and determined to produce their best work”.

2. Kumon Students are Confident in the Classroom

Kumon students come to see challenges, mistakes and the need to exert effort as opportunities. They are not afraid to have a go. And, as Peta says, Kumon students are confident because they are ahead of their class.

“I find that parents of Kumon students often comment on their child’s independence and improved confidence, not to mention improved grades”, Peta says.

3. Kumon is Flexible and Can be Tailored for Each Family’s Needs

Kumon Mathematics and English are individualised programmes, meaning students learn at a level defined by their ability not age. Kumon students learn at their own pace and Instructors, including Peta, regularly consult with parents about their children’s progress, and adapt when necessary.

“During these challenging times Kumon Kirwan has adapted to meet our families’ needs”, Peta explains. “We provide flexibility for families on changing rosters at their work and can support students near and far with Zoom classes and video calls”.

Kumon Mathematics and English is available in Kirwan and Pimlico. To enrol or to learn more please contact:
Kumon Kirwan – Instructor Peta Bird, 0417 070 826,
Kumon Pimlico – Instructor Ashley Chown, 0424 155 171,