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Mary MacKillop North Queensland Kindergartens are leading the way in contemporary early education across North and West Queensland. They design their facilities with the child’s experience in mind. They also offer a stimulating and nurturing environment tailored to foster play and sensory-based learning. Townsville locations include Kirwan, Mundingburra and Rasmussen. Other centres in North Queensland include Ingham, Mount Isa and Palm Island.

Interim Executive Director Alana Crouch said “MMCNQ Kindergarten programs strive to offer the highest standard of early education and care. It is a process of continuous improvement. Every day our teachers continue to reshape their planning and program to reflect the interests, joys and motivations of the children in their care and cater for the individual learning journeys of each child”. “Experts agree that children who attend a high-quality early childhood program like the ones we offer have better skills in a variety of areas. These include literacy, numeracy and problem solving, just to name a few.”

MMCNQ Kindergartens take the whole child into account.

This is so important because children learn at different paces and in different ways. Plus, it is our job to provide the best environment for naturally developing their social skills. They do this through making friends, sharing, playing and more. And, in general, a lot of learning happens through play and through immersion in natural environments. The children at MMCNQ Kindergartens are allowed to express themselves through art, science, dance and dramatic play every day. In this way, the kindergarten exposes children to many different learning platforms.

MMCNQ Kindergarten programs are led by registered teachers and early childhood professionals. These programs provide the foundation for your child to develop a love of learning and become confident, competent and successful learners, well on their way to positively transitioning to school.