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You may be wondering if your one-year-old should be talking yet or at least trying to. 

The most important thing at this age is lots of modelling of language. As you go about your day, talk about what you are doing, what you can see, and what your baby is doing and seeing. Your child should be wanting to interact with you and communicate with you in some way, even if it’s not words. He should be pointing, making sounds, showing you things, and trying to get your attention. If this isn’t happening, its worth getting your child assessed. Check out the video below for a short one minute speech test.

How do I help my 1 year old develop their language skills?

The things babies and toddlers first communicate with us for is to ask for things (“ball?”), ask for actions (go!) protest (No!) and comment (ball). Try to model single words with these in mind. Perfect games are people games where he needs you to complete the activity, eg bubbles, twirling/spinning, tickle monster etc where he needs to do/say something to make the activity continue.