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At Mary MacKillop Childcare North Queensland Early Learning Centres and Kindergartens, we acknowledge the right children have to experience the joy of childhood and reach their full learning potential in preparation for school.

Our Kindergarten program encompasses the inclusive vision that all children experience learning that is engaging and builds success for life in a supportive play-based learning environment.

There are many benefits of play-based learning in the early years, including the development of intellectual skills, thinking and motivation. Play-based learning is a concept that MMCNQ Kindergarten educators adopt as part of their pedagogy and practice. Research has explored the importance of play for a child’s overall development and we know that play is closely associated with the development of intellectual skills, thinking and motivation.

Our experienced teachers deliver programs that include essential literacy and numeracy concepts. These build solid foundations for successful life-long learning and readiness for school. Along with this, they focus on overall developmental areas. A strong focus on the Kindergarten curriculum allows teachers to support children developing their independence and resilience, building positive relationships with others, promoting their own health and wellbeing and communicating effectively. These programs provide a balance of intentional teaching and child-initiated learning, through inquiry-based discovery and purposeful play environments whereby children are given ownership of their learning.

Our kindergartens are at the heart of a broader community. With close ties to our school, parish and local communities, we regularly visit and participate in events to help children build diverse relationships and understand their connections to a broader world. Through these experiences our teachers will nurture your child’s growth in accordance with the key developmental areas identified in the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines.

Mary MacKillop Childcare NQ Early Learning Centres and Kindergartens have been providing these caring and supportive services across the Diocese since 2003 and continue to offer families professional care with a Catholic approach.

MMCNQ offers kindergarten programs in our six Early Learning Centres as well as our stand-alone Kindergartens.