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Mary MacKillop Childcare North Queensland Kindergartens operate nine standalone Kindergartens co-located on Catholic School grounds which provides a unique experience for the children.

The staff are valued and provide quality education for those families who choose the Mary MacKillop Childcare experience.

Katie Beutel is one of those educators at the North Ward Kindergarten.

“I am the mother of three beautiful boys and also the kindergarten teacher at St Joseph’s Kindergarten North Ward. As an early childhood teacher, with over fifteen years of experience in both primary schools and kindergartens, I am truly passionate in providing young children with the best possible start to their schooling journey. I love making strong and meaningful connections with each and every learner in my class and encourage children to be confident and involved learners. We can never undervalue the impact a positive schooling experience is for our youngest students. It is through these early days and years of exploring, questioning and discovery, that our young people remain curious and engaged learners for life.”

As Maria Montessori said, “Play is the work of the child”.

Children learn so much through play. It allows them to explore, discover, negotiate, take risks, create meaning and solve problems. Play-based learning takes advantage of children’s natural sense of curiosity and allows them to view life through their own lens of enquiry – in order to understand the world around them. In essence, ‘learning’ is a space of curiosity for young learners. The significance of play and a child’s interaction with the landscape around them – should never be underestimated.

All Mary MacKillop Childcare NQ Kindergartens offer a well-rounded program, that is underpinned by play-based learning. Our educators record and collect each child’s experiences, observations and ideas and this helps them to build a rich and individual learning program. They love to extend on children’s ideas and create spaces that use both natural and processed materials. At our services, we place explicit value on the individual learner. We see that each child is on their own voyage of discovery, and in turn will be at different stages of that learning journey. As the learner’s direction and understanding develops and changes, so does the support around them in that learning space.

All Mary MacKillop Childcare North Queensland Kindergartens are now taking enrolments for 2022. Please contact or call 4726 3299 for an enrolment pack.