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Ever wonder how Helping Hands can help you and your family? We’ve compiled a list of 10 ways we can help out – and that’s just the beginning.

 1. Assess and treat all conditions and injuries from fingertip to shoulder from 0 to 100

Our highly skilled therapy team are made up of university-trained physiotherapists and occupational therapists who are devoted to treating people with hand, wrist, elbow and shoulder conditions (also known as the upper limb). From tiny infants to the elderly, from administration workers to professional footballers, the therapists at Helping Hands treat a huge range of patients.

Whether they have recently broken a bone, dislocated a digit, over-used a muscle, worn down a joint or had surgery, our therapists know exactly what to do to improve our patient’s condition and get them back to doing what they love.

2. Improving your child’s handwriting so they are confident and relaxed during school, and can keep up with their classmates

There are many factors that can mean a child can have difficulty with handwriting. Our paediatric occupational therapists can assess your child’s baseline functioning in all areas of development that contribute to fine motor control and handwriting and provide suitable interventions that are right for your child.

Whether it be improving pencil grasp or control, improving dominance or hand strength or ensuring correct posture – you will be confident that your child will have the results they need to kick goals in the classroom.

3. Help new mothers care for their babies without the pain of the dreaded “Mummy Thumb”

De Quervain’s Tendonopathy is a painful condition caused by irritation of the tendons that move the thumb sideways away from the palm and is a common condition in new mums. It can result in wrist and forearm pain on the side of the thumb, particularly with certain wrist movements.

New mothers (and grandmothers) in particular experience this condition due to the hand and wrist postures used to pick up and nurse their baby, push strollers and carry capsules. You don’t have to tolerate this pain, though – it isn’t normal and we can help.

4. Get your kids back on the field sooner following sporting injuries. 

Sports injuries can be painful and frustrating. Whether it’s a broken or dislocated finger from a ball sport, shoulder pain from swimming or wrist sprain from gymnastics, it’s heartbreaking for a kid to sit on the sidelines. We are able to assess and treat the injury as soon as it occurs and get your child back to playing sooner. We are also able to custom make sports-approved arm and hand guards if required to prevent re-injury.

 5. Keep your child doing the things they love when they have broken their arm with our lightweight and waterproof alternatives to casts. 

A broken bone can certainly put a downer on a kid’s life, but the good news is they no longer have to be treated with heavy, hot, itchy casts. Thanks to advances in the medical knowledge of healing and the expansive range of materials now on offer, there is actually quite a lot of choice for fracture management and we are here to help guide you to the best option for you or your child.

No more sitting on the side of the pool or bagging up for a shower – our alternative options are waterproof. And after the bone has healed, we will make sure they can move, grip and weight bear in the same way they did before the injury.

6. We can have you return to work within days following work-related injuries

Thanks to our no gap WorkCover services and highly trained staff, we look after you in all stages of upper limb injury to give you the confidence to safely return to work sooner.

Injuring yourself at work doesn’t need to cause you or your family unnecessary stress. Our clinic has an amazing reputation for our service for WorkCover Qld patients, and are utilised regularly by occupational physicians and return to work GPs. Whether it be from over using the computer, cutting your finger during restaurant work, or slipping and falling – let us get you on the road to recovery and assist you at every step of the way from injury to return to work.

7. Settle carpal tunnel syndrome to get you sleeping better and using your hand normally during the day

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a condition resulting from poor nerve function. It is often caused by repetitive wrist and finger movements, but can be a result from the pressure of fluid retention during pregnancy or arthritis. People commonly complain of pain, numbness and tingling which often worsens at night causing them to wake up frequently. You may experience poor finger dexterity and sometimes reduced grip strength.

Our therapists can assess your symptoms and work on a correct diagnosis and treatment plan.

8. Get on top of your computer or device related pain.

How much time does your family spend on computers or devices? As technology moves forward and we embrace these advances, we are seeing more and more hand, wrist and elbow pain directly related to overuse. We can help reduce your symptoms, check your posture and your hands movements, and get your back to working or gaming pain free.

9. Reducing the pain and stiffness of arthritic hands

Think there is nothing you can do for arthritis? You’re wrong!

We have a tool kit of options for people who are suffering from stiff fingers, or painful thumbs. Getting the correct supports, exercises and strengthening program can made a huge difference to someone’s independence. And the pain reduction we can offer can be life changing.

10. Custom fit or fabricate the largest range of upper limb braces in North Queensland

Helping Hands stock a huge variety of thumb, wrist and elbow braces as well as custom moulding thermoplastic splints. To ensure your splint and/or orthoses are suitable, our therapists formally assess your condition and address your lifestyle needs.

During the consultation we will provide education and exercises to further assist your recovery and provide time frames around splint and/or orthoses wearing. We have a range of orthoses to suit everyone’s needs. 

 If any of the above has rung a bell with you, don’t hesitate. Give us a call and we would love to help you out with whatever issue you are experiencing. Helping Hands has clinics in Ingham, Townsville and Ayr and are more than happy to assist you and your family.