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Orthoses are a great alternative to casts for a number of reasons, so let’s go over just a few reasons why your child should get an orthoses instead of a cast.

1. They can swim with their broken arm.

Who wants to sit on the side of a pool when you live in North Queensland? Not kids, that’s for sure. Thermoplastic Orthoses can be worn in the pool and ocean, and dry in a flash.

2. They are super lightweight.

Casts can be heavy and cumbersome; with a splint your child will hardly even notice they have it on.

3. They are custom made.

Because they are custom made, we can keep the injured area still while letting all other body parts remain free. This not only gives your child more freedom, but ensures joints don’t get stiff and muscles don’t weaken unnecessarily.

 4. Many colour combinations.

Your child has to wear your splint for a fair while, so it’s important that they love it. Pink with purple straps, blue with rainbow, Cowboys colours, all black… whatever they are into, we can do it!

5. Firm immobilisation that can be adjusted if swelling goes up and down.

Safe for all types of broken bones or sprains.

6. Fully washable – no more stinky casts.

Let the kids play in the mud, join in with the cooking, bait the fishing rod or build the sandcastle – keep them doing all the things they love to do.

7. They can wear their normal clothes.

Because the thermoplastic is so thin, it slips through normal sleeves. We can even colour coordinate it to their favourite items.

8. No more itch!

Casts can get itchy because dead skin builds up on the skin and builds up over time. With an orthoses the skin can get washed on a daily basis, keeping skin clean and fresh without that pesky itch.

9. Get moving sooner.

In a lot of cases, your child can start movement before they are ready to fully come out of a cast. With an orthoses, we can remove it to start exercises and then put it back on in between. This will get your child back to normal movement quicker.

 10. No need for that noisy scary saw to get it off at the end!

As easy as a pair of velcro sneakers.

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